๐Ÿ‘ฏ PIX

PIX stands for Partners in Crime Scambi (PICS โ†’ PIX), namely pairs composed by active members.

Each team member has a PIX. The perfect description of a PIX is a person who understand us, with whom we can share moments of joy, sadness and physiological pain during the making of such a big project as our. Ideally these two people should already trust each other and they should feel at ease around each other, however it can be also an occasion to forge some new bonds (in case of tragic failures, one can always change). PIX are completely indipendent from teams and their function overlooks the cooperative work.

Basically, PIX help each other:

  • by keeping each other updated in case of absence from a meeting
  • by reminding each other deadlines and meetings
  • by discussing random ideas and, if necessary, by unloading

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