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๐Ÿ“ฐ Press review

A press review consists of the collection of all publications related to a given event or announcement. In our case, it often deals with articles about events for which we have previously sent some press releases.

The aim of the press review is to keep everlasting memory of any mention of Scambi that has been made by anyone; it mainly concerns journals, but it can also be blogs or individuals.

How to create a press review

Usually the press review looks like a list of links having some annex informations, attached to a document. However, in order to be more efficient and tidy, we collect everything on a single table.

  1. Look for articles concerning the topic
    1. browse all the links with the hashtag #stampa that have been sent in the Snails (Chiocciole) chat on Telegram.
    2. search the topic on every possible platform and browser available
  2. Save each article on the Wayback Machine, so that it wonโ€™t be lost in the depths of the internet or it won't disappear, in case of removal
  3. Fill this table with the article and all of the required info

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