๐Ÿงถ Team Leaders

It is not by chance that the icon of this page is a tangle. Easily, naturally and-unfortunately- often the dinamics within Scambi look like an incomprehensible, confused and stressing tangle. The Team Leaders exists so that this will not be the case.

Each team has its own representative, whose role is not to take decisions, to know more that the others or to dictate. On the contrary, its role is to always keep clearly in mind the answer to all the following four fundamental questions and to assume their responsability:

  • which are the objectives, the projects and the deadlines for my team, in the short-medium term?
  • towards which direction is miy group going? Does it correspond to the point at which we should be according to the precedent question?
  • what and how much is each member of my group doing? Am I having an individual relationship sufficient enough to inspire them ?
  • what are other teams doing and how can we best organize our work with them? In orther to answer to all these questions, the Team Leaders meet each other each three weeks.

By answering to all the previous questions we should be able to have a clear vision of what it should be done and how to work at the best, not to ground people who are not doing what they should. The main aim is to have a clear and full awareness, namely to hold the two ends of the tangle.

The representatives meet each other one every three weeks in an extenden meeting of the Chameleons.

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