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๐Ÿ“‹ Deck

Thanks to the Deck we can easily organize and manage any task.

Within the Deck, there are different boards; within each board there can be several lists, and all lists are composed by cards.

This is how a board looks

The specifics of how each board is organized vary according to the purpose of the board and the team exploiting it, but there are some common basic features.

Card features

After clicking on a card, you see this

  • Tags can be assigned to cards, e.g. to mark their status.
  • One or more user can be assigned to a card, meaning it is their job to get it done.
  • A card can have a deadline
  • Cards can be grouped into โ€œprojectsโ€: they can be linked to any other file within Nuvola, so that it is easier to retrieve documents that are all related to the same thing
  • Each card has a description field, supporting Markdown syntax


It is not unusual that a card refers to the creation of a post. In such a case, it is useful to exploit the feature allowing you to attach files to the card. In this case, it would be the image of the post

This is how the section of the card allowing you to upload files looks like


Do not to upload files directly, but rather to place them within a folder on Nuvola and then attach them to a card.


Even though it is more intuitive and easy to discuss about stuff on our groupchats, it becomes very hard to effectively follow a discussion when it is about 10 things (cards) at the same time. This is why it is important to try and use card comments. It is also possible to tag users, so that tehy are notified and they can look at the conversation. (It works like this for every file in Nuvola, too)

The card comments section looks like this

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