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๐Ÿ‘• Swag

Producing swag differs from printing on paper because it requires more advanced tools and techniques that local producers usually do not offer at an accessible price. Check out the history to understand how we managed this in the past.

Printing options

Screen printing

Screen printing (serigrafia) consists in building a frame with a shape and then a uniform color fills the different levels of shapes, constituting multiple layers of paint. The attributes of screen printing are several.

  • It is slightly more durable with respect to digital printing.
  • It costs relatively more than digital printing, since a custom frame must be created for each graphic. Nevertheless, this could become an advantage since the same frame (the same illustration to be printed) can be conserved and re-used.
  • Being the result of a fixed structure, screen printing size cannot change, therefore, for instance it cannot be resized according to the size of a shirt.
  • The borders of the frame are precise and clear-cut. Therefore, screen printing cannot print shades and it requires vector images.

Digital printing

Digital printing is the most straightforward: an image is printed on a shirt.

  • Its quality and durability depend on the materials but they are usually worse than screen printing
  • On an average, it is cheaper than screen printing.
  • It is the most adaptable, resizable and it can print shades.

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