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All of the servers have a public IP where they provide the services.

Two of them (hosted by two different providers, in order to avoid a single point of failure) act as entrypoints to the entire infrastructure, connected together by tinc VPN.
Both servers have also an OpenVPN server (with DNS records vipien1 and vipien2).

To avoid overlapping, the two VPN servers handle two different networks:

  • vipien1 -
  • vipien2 -

With tinc, routes are added for these two networks with the correct gateway.


Below is the list of servers sorted by "internal" IP (tinc)

The naming convention for hostnames is as follows:

  • 4 letters: function
  • 1 number: incremental
  • 3 letters: supplier abbreviation
IP TINC Hostname SSH1 Role Spec pila1see 822 vipien1 pila2sca 822 vipien2 bckp1t4v 822 backup lemp1see 22 LEMP stor1see 22 storage Nextcloud lemp2see 22 Nginx Collabora data1see 22 database Baserow 2 Core, 2 Gb RAM 22

Suppliers list

  1. 822 - SSH internet | 22 - SSH LAN 

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