☁ Nuvola

Nuvola (literally “cloud” in Italian) is Scambi Festival’s self-hosted cloud. It is based on a software called Nextcloud (download the app!), and it works like Google Drive (🤮). Nextcloud is awesome also because it offers several extensions which facilitate our workflow.

  • Thanks to the Deck we can manage any project and any of its specific tasks.
  • On Passwords are saved all of the credentials for every account we have.
  • The Calendar contains all of the Scambi meetings and planned activities.
  • Thanks to Forms we can create forms, like on Google Forms.
  • We use Collabora Office (download the app!) to collaboratively edit documents (it works like Google Docs)

Ultimo aggiornamento: 2022-10-27
Creata: 2022-10-27