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๐Ÿ–ผ Graphic creation workflow

You are a part or partner of Scambi and you need a graphic for a project, an article, a post or anything else? Then this is the right document for you! Here it will be explained, what steps you have to take, what you have to pay attention to, how much time it takes etc.

First step: You or your team realize that you need a certain graphic.

  • You should get in contact with the Peacocks (the graphic team, for now Miranda and sometimes Jolanda). Write down all the initial ideas that you have and at what time you want it to be finished.
  • As of now all the people responsible for graphics speak English so get help to translate if you need it.

Second step: Meeting, Scheduling (may be skipped for very simple projects)

  • You set a meeting with a member of the graphic team and discuss the timeframe and your ideas.
  • Collect all the written information, logos and references that you would like to be included before this time. Changes are still possible but the sooner this information is fixed the better!
  • You should set up a second appointment for the draft.

Third step: Draft, Revision

  • In this step the graphic team will present their draft(s) for your graphic. If now there are still a lot of uncertainties or larger changes it is best to repeat this step.
  • Be really certain that all the information that you have given is correct and that the people involved are okay with the concept of the graphic.
  • The date for the final graphic is set.

Forth step: Finalization

  • The graphic has been completed, it is your turn to check it for errors for the last time.
  • Small errors might still be corrected, this is why the date for the final graphic should be set up at least a few days before you need it for larger projects (especially if there is more text involved).


I will give some general indications of how long a certain project would take me and what is a good time for you to request it.

  • Simple graphic, such as most of our article or website graphics: Takes me 1-5 hours, request is best made a week in advance or earlier.
  • Complex graphic, such as the planets for the workshops: 3-10 hours per illustration, request is best made at least 2 weeks to a month in advance.
  • Poster, e.g. for an event: at least 2 full workdays, please ask at least a month in advance with all the relevant information ready, but earlier is better.
  • Flyer, booklet, other multipage layouts: depends on the page number, but 3+ full workdays, plan extra time yourself for proofreading, at least a month or two in advance.

Those are indications for my work process other people in the team might take more or less time.

Even if you ask on time if there is already a lot of other things, I have to do Scambi related or not, I might be able to do it, so if you can request as early as possible!

What if no one can do a graphic for me?

There is still Penpot or Canva which you can use in emergencies, the graphic team will send you a tutorial for Penpot and some general design indications, we also have some pre-made templates for social media posts which you could use.

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