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๐Ÿ’‘ Teams

The staff is divided into workgroups, or teams. Each team deals with a specific field within Scambi Festival. Teams work separately, they have atheir own chat in order to communicate and they organize their own meetings (metto link) independently.

The members of each group (actually, the team of which each associate is part) are specified in the Libro Soci (associates register), which is available on Pino.


The Chameleons make up the board of A.P.S Oltre. They are the team, that takes on the legal responsability of the decisions taken and it has the last word on important questions, such as money questions and choices having long-term repercussions. The board is directed by the president of the association.


The Owls deal with the logistic of the festival. They always know the answer to crucial questions: โ€œwho?โ€, โ€œwhat?โ€, โ€œhow?โ€, โ€œwhere?โ€. Basically, they find props, rooms for the guests, sandwiches, and, when needed, also dinasours.


Strangely enough, Fade-out is the team that deals with Dissolvenze (Fade-out), our section devoted to films, which announces and organizes the homonymous short film contest.


The Dragonflies are the team commonly known as Social Media Managers: they deals with everything that concerns โ€œfastโ€ communication: copywriting, Digital Editorial Plan (DEP), marketing strategies through the use of social medias, buying bots in Turkmenistan in order to have more likes. They work together with the Snails.


The Snails deal with the โ€œslowโ€ communication, officially referred to as press office. Furthermore, they write and coordinate the newsletter and articles publication on the blog. They work in close contact with the Dragonflies, which, among other things, deal with the spamming of all our products.


The Jaybirds are the team dealing with accessibility. Their main aim is to make the most accessible and inclusive each activity we propose, regardless of the physical or psychical disabilities. In particular, their work is two-sided: the practical side, such as the ISL translation of the contents and the search for location accessible on a wheelchair, and the relational side concerning the creation of bonds with associations which pay particular attention to the minorities.


The only outsourced group, meaning that it is composed of people which are not necessarily officially member of the association. They have created and they keep the extraordinary technological structure of Scambi going.

Hermit crabs

The hermit crabs deal with the management of the platforms helpful in managing our staff, client side. The whole technological infrastructure of our services is coordinated by the Hermit crabs. When having a problem while using such resources, you can speak to them.

Copper coins

They deal with all the economical questions. They look for funds and they manage them, they update the accounting andโ€ฆ that is all. These two tasks are just more than enough.


The Swallows are the team dealing with the internationalization of the festival, concentrating on sealing partnership with events, institutions and people all over the world, looking for labs that can be presented also in other languages.


The team which could be simplified as the โ€œArtistic Directionโ€. The Steinbecks have a global vision of the content, the philosophy and the theme of the festival. They are the guarantors of the quality of the laboratories and their consistency, both with the festival and in general with one another. They do their best to intertwine all the proposed activities and they talk some sense into the staff in order to deepen the artistic sensitivity towards what we do.


The Steinbecks do not create laboratories, but they deal with helping the representatives with the contents.


Our Turtles are not particularly slow nor sleepy, above all, they are and they must be the most reliable and the less evanescent. The administration and the internal communication lie in their hands. Practically speaking, they coordinate the drafting of the memorandum, the updating of the register of the associate and they deal with administrative questions. Certainly enough, in order to become a member you have been followed by one of the them.

Sympathizing Member

All of those who are legally and officially members of the A.P.S Oltre, but who do not actively collaborate in its activities.

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