๐Ÿฆธ New entry

Anyone can join the crew of pragmatist dreamers of which Scambi Festival is made. However, in order to do so correctly, there is a simple, but important procedure to follow.

  1. Contact someone who is already part of the staff, if you do not know anyone, it is sufficient to write to any of the contects of Scambi.
  2. Choose the team that is the most suitable for you according to your interests and competences, contact the leader and enter the team for a trial period of two or three weeks. During the trial period the new entry:
    • is considered effectively part of the team, but it is not supervised while accomplishing every task;
    • is free to change team or to join more than one at the same time;
    • in case of any doubt the new entry could ask to its own Team Leader;
    • it is free to take part to all meetings, about which the new entry should be informed by the Team Leader;
  3. At the end of the trail period, the Team Leader will connect the new entry with the Turtles team, which will proceed with his/her registration.

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Creata: 2022-10-27