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๐Ÿ’ธ Palanche

While organizing the second edition of Scambi (2022), the Money team is born. Completely devoted to the money research and management, through sponsorships and fundraisings, but also publci and/or private calls for tender.

At first, sponsor were contacted without a proper and clear guideline nor a functional and efficient strategy. This appoach has made frustrating the first weeks, if not months, because despite our work (which can do always better), the results were little, almost nonexistent. The best strategy has been reaveling the following (updates concerning the success or the failure of this approach will come): firstly, contact the sponsor of the previous edition and secondly, move to the small/ medium enterprises present on the territory.

Mistakes to be avoided

  • contact the sponsor without a strategy
  • not communicate with other groups

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Creata: 2022-10-27