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What is it?

Wikipedia is the perfect source to understand the meaning of Markdown:

Markdown is a lightweight markup language made of a simple syntax designed to be converted into HTML and into many other formats [โ€ฆ]. It is often used to format README file, to write messages in discussion's forum and to create formatted text by using a simple text editor. \~ Markdown, Wikipedia

What it is used for?

We use it in order to format the content of and our newsletter, along with many other cases in which it is less noticeable.

How to use it

It is sufficient to start a research online in order to understand the most suitable way to write by using Markdown, because it is quite subjective. The easiest editor is Typora. However, we can use the default editor of Nuvola, which is simple and works perfectly fine, in order to modify whatever we want without leaving our wonderful cloud.


The Markdown syntax is very easy, but some practice is needed in order to master it. Hereafter some resources:

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