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Sponsors can be divided in two broad categories.

  • Standard sponsors are sponsors which gives us money in exchange for involvement in Scambi Festival.
  • Technical sponsors are sponsors which do not give money, but services, in exchange for involvement in Scambi Festival.


Sponsors have to be scouted, contacted, and signed. All of this has to be done following a well-defined procedure.

  1. Scouting: considering the importance and authoritativeness the festival has right now, sponsors have to be scouted firstly at a local level, then nationally or even more. Usually, technical sponsors are more likely to be close.
  2. Contacting: typically, verbal communication is the most effective one. Therefore, the workflow for contacting sponsors follows the following pattern.
    1. Pitch email: if there is no more direct contact with the potential sponsor, a pitch email is to be sent.
    2. Videocall: the main purpose of the pitch email is to get a videocall with the bosses of the contacted sponsor. Among the superpowers of Scambi Festival are the astounding impact that the happy young faces and the enthusiasm of its stuff. Palanche must exploit these features to make the videocall the most engaging and appealing possible. In general, the videocall should tackle:
      1. Presentation of us and of the Festival
      2. What we can offer + what we need from the sponsor
      3. (Brainstorming on how the collaboration could be carried out)
    3. Follow-up emails: no further communication should occur only verbally. Everything should be logged and noted via email. Not by message, not by call.
  3. Signing: once every detail is defined, a summary email has to be sent and a confirmation must be received. Such email should contain:
    • marketing material of the sponsor:
      • high resolution logo
      • some video/photo promotional content
      • the standard written biography/presentation
    • a contract summarizing the main points of the deal has to be signed both by Scambiโ€™s president and the legal responsible of the sponsoring entity. What the contact should address:
      • beginning and end (timing) of the sponsorship
      • precisely what we get and what we give
      • who are the delegates for Scambi and, if applicable, for the sponsoring entity

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