๐Ÿ–ฅ Platforms and tools

Among Scambi Festivalโ€™s fundamental values there is the one of preferring ethical digital tools, preferrably hosted on our own servers. For each service and platform an account is created for every association member.

  • scambi.org is the official Scambi Festival website
  • Nuvola is our cloud (check its own section in the Manual)
  • Telegram is our main communication platform. ALL of Scambi communications take place there.
    • On Scambi STAFF the general conversation takes place
    • On Scambi IMPORTANT main announcements are sent, while follow-ups and conversations must take place on STAFF.
    • On Scambidee anyone of us can share any sort of idea
    • Each team has its own group chat
  • Cubbit is our archive: here are saved all of the media from every edition.
  • Buttondown is the service we use to send Scambi Epistolari, Scambiโ€™s newsletter.
  • GitBook is the platform you are using right now to read The Manual. To contribute to its content, look among Scambi IMPORTANT pinned messages.
  • Canva is mainly used by the Dragonflies to produce our social media posts.
  • On images.tommi.space are temporarily hosted all the pictures (exclusively stills, not videos) of all editions of Scambi. They are organized by kind of event and activity. The software used is Piwigo.

For any technical problem, please do not hesitate to fill out this form and get in touch with the Silicon team.

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