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๐Ÿ“ƒ Paper


We usually print posters in two formats:

  • A3, to be hung inside shops and all around Sanremo, but not in public spaces, since to do so it is required a specific stamp which costs 0,12โ‚ฌ for each poster for each day.
  • 70x100cm, to be hung in strategic places because of their big size.
    By paying \~60โ‚ฌย and giving \~50 posters of this size to Abaco, they are distributed around designed poster displays around the city.


Passports are the info sheets containing the most important information concerning the activities of the festival. They are named like this since they should metaforically be guiding the participant through the labs, and after attending, they get a stamp proving they were there, as a country stamp on a passport.

During Scambi 2021, passports were A4 sheets folded once, and they looked like this:

Passaporto Scambi 2021

Since there are maaaany things to do at Scambi, they cannot all fit in the passport. Therefore, we decided to add only labs and special/evening events. Everything else can be reached through links to the digital version of the program.


Since we do not have enough funds yet, we decided we would be giving up flyers.

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